Navigating NYC’s Moving Landscape: Unveiling the Average Moving Costs for 2023

Moving to a new home can be exciting and nerve-wracking, and understanding the financial aspect is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. Enter the realm of moving cost estimates, a fascinating journey that unveils the intricacies of budgeting for your move. This comprehensive guide delves into the factors that influence moving costs, the different types of estimates available, and pro tips to secure the best deals. From local moves to long-distance adventures, brace yourself for an eye-opening exploration that will empower you to make informed decisions and transform your moving experience into a financially savvy endeavor.

We at 5 Star Movers Rochelle are committed to you and thought this article would help you understand what factors influence moving costs and ways you can save on moving. Please keep in mind, however, that these are only rough estimates. Each move is unique and will require a different price. Please fill out the form below to receive a free moving estimate.

What Is The Average Cost Of Moving To Nyc For 2023?

We've summarized average NYC moving costs per apartment size before you read about the factors that affect the price.

  • Studio Apartments starting at $400-$600
  • Apartments start at $500-$800 for a one-bedroom
  • Apartments with two bedrooms start at $1,000 to $1,500
  • Apartments with three bedrooms start at $1,500+

These are only average base prices for local moves within NYC and do not include additional moving services.

What Are The Factors That Affect Moving Service Prices?

Size/Volume of the Move

The volume of items to be moved affects moving service costs the most.

The higher the cost will be if you have more boxes, furniture, and other items. We recommend getting rid of unwanted items before your move.

You can share which belongings you wish to move with moving companies to get moving quotes. Most moving companies will collect your item list through an online form or email, a phone call, a visit on-site at your home, or, if you prefer, a video chat. You can choose the method that works best for your needs.

Moving companies can estimate the number of cubic feet that need to be moved after you provide them with a list. They will then multiply this number by their rate to get you a quote. There are also other factors which will affect the cost of your move. You can read more about them below.

Distance and Additional Stops

Distance plays a major role in the final charge. The cost will increase as it is time-consuming and requires fuel. It will cost more if you have to make additional stops in between. We can move you locally or long distance, so you can be sure we will take you to your destination.


Accessibility can also have a significant impact on the final cost. First, stairs. The price will increase depending on how many stairs your movers have to climb to get up and down. Both your pickup and drop-off locations are included.

The cost will also be higher if you move furniture that is too large for the elevator or needs to go up the stairs, even if there is an elevator in the building.


Depending on when you move, you can pay very different prices for the same move. You can get better rates if you move on Sunday than if it's a Saturday or Friday. Most families move during summer to avoid having their children miss school. This is because it's the busiest time of year, which makes moving more expensive. Winter is a great time to move.

Similarly, most leases end at the end of the month or on the first. Everyone wants to move. Prices are high during this time. You can save money by choosing a date between the 4th to 26th of the month. Most people prefer to move early in the morning, so booking movers during the middle of the day is the cheapest option.

Packing Supplies

You'll also need boxes, packing paper, and markers. Bubble wrap is another option. The packing supplies also come with a cost. There are some places where you can get these items for free. For example, ask friends or visit local recycling centers. You can learn more here about finding free moving boxes.

Some moving companies offer plastic bins that can be reused as an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

Unpacking and Packing Services

You can even hire our professional movers for full packing and unpacking services.

For example, we can offer a partial packing service if you only need assistance with one room or the kitchen. We will pack items from the room you choose.

Adding packing and unpacking services to your move will increase costs, but customers often choose this option because it saves time and stress.


If your new home still needs to be completed, renting a storage unit is a good choice for storing your possessions. Roadway Moving has multiple climate-controlled facilities ready to assist you with any emergency, short or long-term storage requirements at competitive rates.

To save money, you can align the lease's expiration date with the new one's beginning date.

Additional Services

Other services that you may need could also affect the cost. You may also need to pack some of your valuables in custom-made crates. Custom wooden crates are made by moving companies for sculptures, artwork, antiques, delicate furniture, expensive electronics, or motorbikes.

Cost Of Moving Long Distance From Nyc

Prices for long-distance moves are also affected by the factors mentioned above. However, there is another factor that has a significant impact on the price.

You can choose between exclusive or consolidated shipping.

Exclusive shipping allows you to get your delivery date exact and complete your move faster.

If you opt for consolidated shipping, you will get a lower price but an approximate delivery date. Instead, you will get an arrival time window, and your items may be placed in the same trailer as other customers. Roadway Moving performs a detailed bar-coded list of each load, and we also physically separate the jobs inside our trailers using wood dividers.

The average cost of moving long distance from NYC can range anywhere from $750 up to $10,000+.

NYC is expensive, and you must do a lot before even calling moving companies. Look at the bright side. After reading this article, you have many options and might even learn new ways to save money on moving.

Final Thoughts

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What factors contribute to the average moving costs for 2023?

Several key factors influence the average moving costs for 2023. These include the distance of the move, the size and weight of the belongings being transported, the number of movers required, and any additional services such as packing, storage, or specialized handling. The time of year and demand for moving services can also impact the overall cost. For an accurate estimate, it's best to consult with a reputable moving company and provide detailed information about your specific moving requirements.

Are there any cost-saving strategies to consider when planning a move in 2023?

Yes, there are several cost-saving strategies to consider when planning a move in 2023. One strategy is to organize your space and get rid of things you no longer need because doing so would likely make your shipment lighter and smaller, which could reduce the cost of moving. Another cost-saving tip is to plan your move during non-peak seasons or mid-week, as moving companies often offer better rates. Additionally, obtaining multiple moving quotes and comparing the services and pricing of different moving companies can help you find the most cost-effective option for your move.

How can I get a personalized estimate for my move in 2023?

Consider contacting a professional moving company to get a personalized estimate for your move in 2023. A moving professional will evaluate your unique moving needs and provide a thorough and accurate quotation during one of the many free in-home or online consultations many moving firms offer. During the consultation, discuss any special requirements you may have, such as fragile items, valuable belongings, or storage needs, to ensure the estimate includes all necessary services.

Will the average moving costs in 2023 be higher compared to previous years?

Due to variations in gasoline prices, inflation, and supply and demand within the moving industry, the average moving costs in 2023 may differ from those in earlier years. While moving costs can fluctuate over time, it's essential to obtain updated estimates from reputable moving companies to get an accurate picture of the current moving rates for 2023.

How can I avoid hidden fees or unexpected expenses when moving in 2023?

To avoid hidden fees or unexpected expenses when moving in 2023, it's crucial to communicate openly with your chosen moving company and request a detailed breakdown of all costs and charges. Review the moving contract thoroughly before signing it to ensure it meets your needs. Additionally, be upfront about any potential challenges at your current or new location that could impact the moving process, such as stairs, elevators, or parking restrictions, to avoid additional fees on the moving day. Taking these precautions and working with a reputable and transparent moving company will help ensure a smooth and financially predictable move in 2023.